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The Aman Canal Grande Hotel Venice is housed in the 16th century Palazzo Papadopoli,
where Denniston Architects created a stylish contrast between the Venetian opulence and a restrained modern interior.

Highlights are the Rococo ballroom, Murano chandeliers, the Alcova Tiepolo Suite with 18th-century ceiling fresco by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, the rare palazzo gardens – and the wooden ‘altana’, a small decked roof terrace with breathtaking views over the roofs.

Hotel Mulino di Firenze, one of Florence’s best boutique hotels (by http://www.toflorence.it), benefits from a unique location. The 15th Century watermill, is fully restored and brought back to its glorious settings. It overlooks the enchanting Arno riverbanks.

The Hotel with Spa, Tuscan restaurant and biodynamic pond is immersed in the green outskirts of Florence, Italy (5 km of the historical district).

(“book sustainably”: always book via hotel’s own website. Thus ensuring best rate & survival of charming, independent hotels! On this blog, by clicking on the “hotel name”. )

Italian Design: “tri” by Ovetto - yup it’s a trash can;… that is however nicely designed, offering 3 compartments for trash, paper, recycling and a handy bottle-squeezer function.

Not sure about its “practicability”…but hey…it it looks this great :-)

(vid: http://vimeo.com/17807481)

It reminds me a bit of R2D2 from Star Wars. Doesn’t it ?

The “Leon’s Place”, is set in a XIXth century’s aristocratic palace in Rome, Italy. Once a historical and sacred place, it is now representing most contemporary hotel architecture. The width of the spaces, the majestic main hall, the enormous black velvet swing hanging from the central chandelier, made of elegant crystals and fabrics, all have a theatrical impact on the visitor.

The Hotel Palazzo Barbarigo in Venice, Italy is a 16th century Palazzo with private dock on the Grand Canal. The combination of a historic building with contemporary architecture and design was achieved with visionary enlightment. It manifests a feminin feel in the 18 rooms overlooking Grand Canal and Rio di San Polo through curvy silhouettes, lush red velvet, dark shapes and is strongly inspired by art-deco

The Ca’ Maria Adele in VeniceItaly is housed within the walls of a 15th century Palazzo and located in a tranquil corner of Venice’s arty Dorsoduro district. Its eclectic space filled with antiques and contemporary pieces from around the world will inevitably seduce anyone spending the night there.

Smokey shades of brown and dashes of gold were used to create this very special dark and moody athmosphere. One is drawn to these mystic spaces with their black Murano chandeliers within this beautifully preserved Palazzo.  


The “Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita" in Matera, Italy are a collection of carefully restored, 18 rooms scattered over a number of medieval structures.

It is set in a UNESCO World Heritage site, where philosopher and entrepreneur Daniele Kihlgren restored ancient cave dwellings, in a run-down village in the impoverished area of southern Italy.

Today employing 15 local workers and therefore bringing back income to a town where the young otherwise would wander off to the cities. The rooms have for most of their 2,500-year history been homes to monks & peasants.                                                                                                           

more: (flash site) http://www.filippospiezia.com/webarchive/sassi/sassi_2Revision.swf

YES, it’s “almost unbearably oppulent”…, usually not “my style”…but have a look!

Part of the exclusive Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, the Rome Cavalieri Hotel is enclosed in fifteen acres of lush Mediterranean parklands. This opulent luxury hotel with an art collection that outshines many museums, boosts a 3-Michelin Star Restaurant, a Grand Spa, four (!) pools and a panorama over the “eternal city” that has inspired visitors for centuries!

Guests may enjoy the traditional “high tea” and be amazed by the three magnificent Tiepolo paintings, from 1725! Or such luxurious services as the airport transfer in a Rolls Royce phantom, available at 380 EUR.