Hotel Kosenda - Jakarta, Indonesia

A brand-new design hotel in Jakarta, Kosenda occupies a state-of-the-art eight-story building that combines modern architecture with traditional Indonesian elements. Inside, 60 individually designed rooms, a breathtaking rooftop lounge and a cluster of small living spaces ooze charm and character with their abundance of local artworks and original features. In the kitchen, a remarkable Melbourne and Sydney restauranteur crafts unique and delicious Southeast Asian menus.

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The Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort is a unique idiosyncratic hotel building located in Huzhou, on stunning Lake Taihu, China. Nicknamed the ‘Horseshoe’ or “Doughnut Hotel”. The 27-storey structure houses 321 rooms, of which 44 are suites and 39 are villas with own balcony. Meeting space, three restaurants and lounges, fitness, pool and spa. It was designed by architect Yansong Ma. The 1.5 billion dollar starwoodhotels property is giving every room a view of the lake, natural light and ventilation. It stands out at night thanks to an LED light system on the exterior skin that displays animated textures and patterns, all of it reflected on the water’s surface.


The Factory Hotel in Münster, Germany (@factoryhotel) is a new build constructed in and around the heritage-listed walls of the former Germania brewery site. The excavated clinker walls and steel girders of the century-old brewery site stand in conscious contrast to the béton brut (unfinished concrete) that’s the core element of the new building with its five departments: SLEEP, MEET, EAT, DRINK and DANCE. These areas are represented at Factory Hotel by modern conference and function facilities, two restaurants, a bar and night-club.

The Culture and Congress Centre in Lucerne Switzerland (or KKL for Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern) is a multi-functional building with a concert hall that is esteemed for its high-profile acoustics. It was built according to the plans of the architect Jean Nouvel and was inaugurated in 1998 with a concert by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Claudio Abbado.


interesting facts about the roof structure:

surface 12’000 square metres (2.9 acres)

weight: 2’400 tons

underside surface:  7000 square metres

materials: steel beams with wood supports, top: copper, underside: aluminum panels

longest roof overhand (north-east corner): 45 metres

withholding elements: up to 160km/h (99mph) winds and heavy snow weights


Located on a barrier island along Sarasota Bay in Florida, the Casey Key Guest House was designed by Sarasota-based firm TOTeMS Architecture. The design was inspired by the character of the live oaks, which have been shaped by the prevailing coastal winds from the west. Curved glulam pine beams curve up and over the entire space, reflecting the arching quality of the live oak limbs.

The Marqués de Riscal Hotel in ElciegoSpain is located in an amazing medieval town that sits in the heart of the Rioja wine region. Architect Frank O. Gehry - creator of the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles designed the hotel building with its stunning red-, silver-, and gold-titanium ribbon roof and asymmetrical walls. The hotel has 43 guest rooms are dispersed over the hotel- and spa wing connected via a glass-enclosed bridge.

The “Leon’s Place”, is set in a XIXth century’s aristocratic palace in Rome, Italy. Once a historical and sacred place, it is now representing most contemporary hotel architecture. The width of the spaces, the majestic main hall, the enormous black velvet swing hanging from the central chandelier, made of elegant crystals and fabrics, all have a theatrical impact on the visitor.

The Hotel “the vine" in Funchal on the Portuguese Island of Madeira, is a hotel with soul, just like a good wine and offers panoramic pool, vinotherapy at the spa or a gourmet dinner with a view over the city.

The Contemporary elegant design is the creation of internationally acclaimed Madeiran interior designer Nini Andrade Silva.

Catalan architect, Ricardo Bofill in collaboration with architect João Francisco Caires are responsible for the unmistakable style, giving maximum representation to post-modern contemporary architecture.

The 556 rooms at the Titanic Beach Resort Hotel in Antalya, amid the sandy beaches of Lara, Turkey are an impressive structure resembling a large ocean liner.

The Titanic as we all know was not quite this white and also more impressive inside (from my perspective the guest rooms and other hotel facilities do not justify a post amongst all other beautiful hotels in my blog), but that said,…the “hull” & situation make for some great photo opportunities!