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The Kelebek Special Cave Hotel is located in Goreme/Cappadocia Turkey.  Not only surrounded but built into extraordinary, dramatic rock formations created by ancient volcanoes - the so called “fairy chimneys”.

Many of the soaring pinnacles are still inhabited. Others are rock-cut storerooms stuffed with grapes, lemons, potatoes. Some are cave churches, chapels and monasteries.

- Travel report from Ales Bravnicar’s blog

(hint: also check out their 360° panoramic views. amazing!

The “Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita" in Matera, Italy are a collection of carefully restored, 18 rooms scattered over a number of medieval structures.

It is set in a UNESCO World Heritage site, where philosopher and entrepreneur Daniele Kihlgren restored ancient cave dwellings, in a run-down village in the impoverished area of southern Italy.

Today employing 15 local workers and therefore bringing back income to a town where the young otherwise would wander off to the cities. The rooms have for most of their 2,500-year history been homes to monks & peasants.                                                                                                           

more: (flash site) http://www.filippospiezia.com/webarchive/sassi/sassi_2Revision.swf